What is a complete marker drawing set?

In markers drawing, lots of kinds of pens and paper will be used. When our drawing skill gets better, we’ll need more combinations of pens, paper, and accessories. Please check our regular combination as below:

Art Marker

Art markers are mostly used drawing pens. Their ink is very easy to dry, so it’s perfect for quick drawing. For beginners, a set will be a good choice, and when you become more skilled, you could try single ones directly. Same color of different brands is a little different, creating a color chart will help you a lot when you do color combinations.

Mechanical Pencil

mechanical pencil

Work with colored pencil lead. Choose the one you’re familiar with and work well for you.

Erasable Colored Pencil Lead

color pencil lead

Because black pencils leave black lead on the paper after erased, it will cause dirty color after painting. Erasable colored pencil lead will hide in the painting even it’s not completely erased to create a clean coloring effect. Choose the cool color lead when your artwork’s color tone is cool.

Colored Pencil Eraser

color pencils eraser

It helps you erase colored pencils. Regular ones don’t do the job well.

Micron Pen

micron pen

Micron Pen is a good choice for beginners to divide coloring parts clearly from each other to avoid wrong part coloring. After coloring, smooth drawing on the lines will cover the excessive coloring out of the part to leave a clean and tidy coloring effect.



Highlighter inks are opaque and covering. The most commonly used is white ink one. It could draw light lines on the deep color base. In marker drawings, a highlighter is the most frequently used!

Fineliner Color Pen

fineliner color pen

Because markers’ tips are big even the fine one, we could use fineliner color pen to draw the tiny part making a good partner with markers. It also could cover the wrong coloring by outlining.



Sometimes, we use a ruler to sketch the draft. Especially in architecture drawing, it plays a big role.

Marker Paper

We choose 300g dual-side marker pad paper, which is not only priceable and easy draft erasing, but also brings even and vibrant coloring effect.

For art journey starters, proper paper is vital. You could also use 300g watercolor paper.

PS: The thickness of a sheet of paper is indicated by its weight, which can be measured either in grams per square meter (gsm) or pounds per ream (lb).

The standard weights of machine-made paper for artists are as below:

*190 gsm (90 lb),
*300 gsm (140 lb),
*356 gsm (260 lb),
*638 gsm (300 lb).

sketch pad

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