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How to Blend Alcohol Markers with Rubbing Alcohol?

You won’t find any other medium to be that effective, like the rubbing alcohol for crating soft transition of colors. That means your alcohol-based marker can be blended in superb ways using rubbing alcohol.

But for that, you need to have a paper that can handle moisture buckling. Otherwise, your paper will won’t support your operation correctly. Take a bristle brush for implementing the alcohol over the marker, mainly of the ‘Copic Sketch Markers‘.

And then, we proceed to the steps.

Step 1: Make the color properly on the paper. Mix the colors you want to blend side by side.

Step 2: Take the rubbing alcohol dipped on the brush.

Step 3: Imply the brush over the streak of the two colors. You’ll see the colors getting dispatched from the paper with the alcohol.

Step 4: Use a paper towel to make the mixture properly by your hand manually. You can implement the colors over the mix according to the shade you want to gain.

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