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How to Paint Layers with Markers – ADAXI Arts

When you paint with markers, the skills you need are not so difficult. The painting of markers feature transparency, so the effect of single layer and multiple layers are quite different.

Single Layer Painting

This painting consists of single-layer strokes and they overlap just a little part, so the color is thin and light. Draw it hard and quick, the strokes are very clear to see and you will use it to draw the ground or buildings.

Multiple Layers Painting

Draw strokes repeatedly in a small area to mix color smoothly and evenly. The color is much deeper than it’s in the single layer painting. It’s perfect for coloring small objects smoothly and neatly.

Dry Multi-Layer Painting

Drying layers of different values or different hues on the dry base layer is good for creating the texture of objects. Dry Multi-Layer Painting working with highlighter is our regular skill. PS: the deeper the color is, the better the effect is.

Wet Multi-Layer Painting

Wet Multi-Layer Painting is difficult than the dry one. You need to put layers of different hues very quickly to make them blend themselves, which is quite time-consuming. It’ll be used to draw detailed parts, like hairs, skins, etc. It brings smooth gradation and will extremely enhance your artwork.

Why not give a go after learned it? Let’s start at this very moment.

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