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How to Use 0 Colorless Blender Artfully – ADAXI Arts

No. 0 mark pen has no color, whose use and effect are similar to using water in watercolor drawing, which could gradate a hue from dark to colorless. It’s also used in highlighting to create great painting effect.

  • Prepare a No. 0 mark pen and another one of color. We’ll try light blue this time
  • Draw some Parallelogram Strokes with light blue marker first
  • Before it dries, repeatedly blend the edge from up to down with No. 0 mark pen.
  • When it’s dry, it’s done!

The picture on the left is created by a No. 0 mark pen and a yellow one! Gradating hues of light value is easier, let’s practice from it.

Why not give a go after learned it? Let’s just start our art journey from here!

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