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How to Create Gradation Effect – ADAXI Arts

It’s a little bit difficult to create gradation effect with marker pens, which needs multiple pens of different colors. And how to choose the gradation hues is vital and requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Smooth gradation will greatly enhance your artwork, thus we need to practice more especially for art journey starters.

Gradation of Same Hue

Prepare 3 marker pens of same hue but different values. Here we choose blue. Draw the darkest, then the medium darkest, and the lightest the last. And we must be very quick, paint another before the previous is dry, thus the gradation will be smooth and not sharp.

Gradation of Different Hues

Prepare 2 markers pens of different hues. We try light yellow and orange this time. Draw light yellow first on the paper and quickly draw orange halfway on it before it dries. Then use the light yellow one to blend to left and right from the overlapping part to create smooth and even gradation.

Why not give a go after learned it? Let’s just start our art journey from here!

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