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It is always a delicate situation to draw on the first page of a sketchbook. We usually want our first page to be kind of “perfect”. It should reflect whatever kind of personality we have. Sometimes we are scared to start a sketchbook because we are afraid of failing, or we aren’t inspired. Here are a few drawing ideas that hopefully will give you some inspiration for your next drawing.

1) Motivational Quote
Is there anything better than finding a positive affirmation every time you open your sketchbook? You can always rely on something that will inspire you to achieve your goals, to be the best version of yourself. Start by writing down your favorite quotes, then pick the one you want and start sketching. You can use the colors of your markers directly if you are comfortable with lettering. If you are not, that is totally fine, start by sketching the words with a pencil and then color them with your markers. From something extremely minimalist to something filled with colors and doodles. Here, I chose to begin with my ADAXI alcohol markers and double-tipped fineliners.

Motivational Quote

2) Something That Makes You Happy
Drawing on a sketchbook is all about adding a bit of joy to your day, just like the motivational quote. Draw something from your favorite movies, books, or TV shows, or use your favorite colors to draw something from your favorite foods or places. Having fun is important!

Something That Makes You Happy

3) Meet The Artist
The name of the section suggests that “meet the artist” is a brief description of yourself as an artist. In your own unique style, you can write, draw or doodle about your favorite outfit, your favorite pet (if you have one…), and so forth. You can also share this on your social media pages (#meettheartist) to let people know a little bit more about you.

Meet The Artist

4) Art Supplies
The use of/like of art supplies is also a fun thing to draw. Additionally, I added colored pencils, watercolors, paint tubes, and other essentials (eraser, pencil…). The entire drawing was colored with the ADAXI alcohol markers.

Art Supplies

5) Collage
It’s normal to want the first page of our sketchbook to be a little bit different from the other pages, a little bit more special. You could try a collage in this situation. Images printed on paper, colored paper sheets, photos taken with friends, or just cut out pieces from magazines and newspapers could all be used. When you have your pictures ready, you’ll need to put them together and stick them on the page of your paper pad. It’s my favorite part because I can add colors, doodles, and customize the collage as much as I want.


6) Repetitive Patterns
Creating repetitive patterns takes time, but the final result is well worth it. All you need to do is choosing the patterns you want. This can be fruit, flowers, animals, shapes, etc. Then, choose your color palette. When you’re done, you’ll have a very colorful drawing. Are you going to keep it realistic or will you try something different? And since it’s spring, why not use some vibrant colors!


7) Polaroids
When you’re lacking inspiration, polaroids are always the best option. Each Polaroid can be a different size or you can just make 2-3 large ones. You can use different colors, supplies, and drawing methods in each picture. Combining Polaroid pictures with other drawings is also a lot of fun. Let your imagination run wild.


8) Dream Destination
Unlike other years, this year is more unusual, and many of us won’t be able to travel. I thought it would be nice to travel through our art to a country or city we all wish to visit.

Let’s sit in a comfortable position, pick up a pencil, and begin sketching where we want to go. You can draw anything from landscapes to objects and food that the country is known for.

Dream Destination

9) Calligraphy
The simplicity of calligraphy is what makes it so beautiful. Sometimes we just feel like doing something quite simple, but no less beautiful. Using a pretty handwriting and a small bit of color you can write your name, the year, whatever you want. There’s no limit to how many doodles and banners you can add.


10) Leave a Blank Page
Last but not least, leave a blank page. The sketchbook is a bit like a book, but in a different medium. The page can be left blank forever, you can add a few words, or you can wait until you find an idea you love. As a person who enjoys turning pages, I love the idea of discovering more drawings as I turn each page.

Leave a Blank Page

The last thing you need to remember is that your sketchbook is yours and there is no set way of making something amazing. Your only limit is your imagination.

As always, we hope this blog post was helpful to you and if you happen to get inspired by one of these ideas, make sure to tag us on Instagram (@adaximarker). We would love to see what you’ve created!

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