How To Use Watercolor Pencils?

How To Use Watercolor Pencils?

Watercolor pencils are pencils that contain water-soluble pigment. In general, watercolor pencils can be used wet or dry. When used dry, they can act like a normal pencil, providing a lead-like stroke. When used wet, they can provide a watercolor-like effect.Working with this kind of art supply is a great way to experiment with colors.

What are watercolor pencils for?

Watercolor pencils can be used for a range of artistic applications, including sketching, creating colorful details in drawings and paintings, creating washes and gradients of color, and more.

How to use watercolor pencils for beginners?

steps of using watercolor pencils

It is best to start with a light touch when using watercolor pencils. Layer colors gradually to build up intensity, and use a wet brush to blend colors together.

Step 1: Select the right color and the correct type of pencils. Watercolor pencils come in a variety of colors, so it’s essential to choose the right color for the job. You can also find watercolor pencils in both soft and hard varieties. Select the right pencils for the type of artwork you’re creating.

Step 2: Gather all of your supplies. In addition to your watercolor pencils, you’ll also need a few other supplies. This includes a container of water, a brush, some sketching pencils, etc.

Step 3: Begin sketching. Begin by lightly sketching your subject using the pencils. This will provide you with a template you can follow. You can add details and shades as you go along or leave it as-is and continue with Step 4.

Step 4: Color in the sketch. Outline the subject with your chosen color, then add small details if desired. Once the subject has been colored in, the next step is to use a wet brush to blend the colors and add depth.

Step 5: Add detail and texture. Once the color has been blended, use a dry brush to add texture and detail. You can also add some fine details by lightly pressing a smaller brush against the paper.

Step 6: Let the watercolor painting dry. Once the artwork is complete, give it some time to dry before touching it. When it is fully dried, you can add details and outlines with a black pencil or add a varnish to seal and protect the artwork.

art tools

Do you dip Watercolour pencils in water?

Yes, you can dip watercolor pencils into the water to create a variety of effects. However, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of water used can vary greatly depending on the effect desired. For best results,start with a small amount of water and build up slowly.

How do you blend Watercolour pencils?

There are a few different ways to blend watercolor pencils. You can use a wet paintbrush to blend the color for a more subtle effect, or you can use cotton swabs or a blending tool to blend the color. Working with a few pencils of different colors can also help to create more interesting and vibrant blends.

Use light, circular motions to blend the colors together, and adjust the pressure accordingly. If desired, you can also add a drop of water to help the color spread more evenly.

Do you need special paper for watercolor pencils?

Yes, using the correct type of paper is important when using watercolor pencils. Watercolor paper is highly recommended because it is thicker, more absorbent, and better suited to dry and wet media. However, you can also use other paper such as drawing paper, as long as it is thick enough and capable of holding water.

care for your pencils

How do you remove watercolor pencils?

Once the watercolor painting is completely dry, it can be difficult to remove watercolor pencils. But if the painting is still wet, you can use a damp cloth or paper towel to gently wipe away any marks or smudges. Alternatively, you can use a kneaded eraser to slowly remove the pencil marks while the painting is still wet.

How to sharpen watercolor pencils?

Watercolor pencils can be sharpened with any standard pencil sharpener. However, it is important to be cautious when sharpening them, as they can break easily. To ensure a sharp, precise point, hold the pencil at a slight angle and turn the sharpener slowly. Once you have the tip of the pencil to the desired size and shape, you can stop sharpening.


Watercolor pencils are a versatile and creative art supply that can add a variety of colorful effects to the artwork. By following the above steps and utilizing the correct supplies, you can use watercolor pencils to create beautiful, vibrant artwork.

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