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How to Blend Alcohol Markers without A Blender?

When you are up to smooth blending of your art markers without a blender, you are up in using your basic knowledge about color. That is, you must know which color gets adequately mixed with others.

It is very much possible to mix multiple colors in this manner. But without proper shading knowledge, you won’t be able to make a great impression of it.

Step 1: To start the blending, you have to choose two colors with which you’re going to blend. Double-ended markers can be handy under the case.

Step 2: To make a good mixture between both of them, choose another alcohol ink marker between the two colors. It is the shading color. So, you’ll end up with three markers.

Step 3: With the two initial colors, you start the coloring. Implement the colors on your paper accordingly to their opposite sides, keeping a small gap between them.

Step 4: In that space, implement the shading color or the third marker you took.

Step 5: After you are done filling the gap, mix the colors accordingly. That is, exercise the shading color over the two initial colors to mix well. If needed, you can blend the initial colors to the edges and body of the shading color to gain a natural vibe.

If you’re using a dark color, try avoiding it to use at the middle of the shading color. Instead, you can use light shades over the whole coloring to bring your desired blending. The light color at most brings the best results in terms of blending.

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