how to draw a pencil

How to Draw a Pencil Step by Step

The pencil is an instrument for writing or drawing. The pen is made up of a thin stick of graphite or a similar material enclosed in a long thin piece of wood or covered with plastic or metal.

Therefore, we created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a pencil in just 9 steps.

Step 1
Begin by drawing a vertical line across the page. Your pencil’s wood will be formed by this line. The length of the vertical line depends on how long you want the pencil to be.

Vertical line is slightly left of center and slightly off-center. This ensures that the pencil will be drawn in the center.

Step 2 — Draw the pencil on both sides
Create a new vertical line parallel to the one we drew previously. This creates the right side of the wood of the pencil.
Now both sides should be completed.

Step 3 — Then, Draw the Top Part of the Pencil
In the previous step, we drew vertical lines from both ends to a horizontal line at the top.
This forms the top part of the pencil where the eraser is typically placed on.

Step 4 — Now, Finalize the Shape of the Pencil
Finalize the pencil’s shape by drawing a V-shaped line at the bottom. The point of the pencil will be formed by this line.

Step 5 — Afterwards, Draw the Pencil’s Eraser
In the top of the pencil, draw a square shape without the bottom line.
The eraser will be directly connected to the pencil. This is the part of the pencil we use to erase any mistakes.

Step 6 — Separate the Point From the Wood
Right above the V-shaped line we drew in the fourth step, draw a short scalloped line.
This creates the division between the body of the pencil and its pointed tip.

Step 7 — Next, Draw the Ferrule of the Pencil
Draw a horizontal line below the pencil’s upper end. The result should be a rectangular shape underneath the eraser. Afterwards, draw two thinner lines within the figure.

As a result, the ferrule is created, which is the metal on the top of the pencil. Ferrule extends your pencil, enabling you to use the entire length of your graphite. Erasers are also attached directly to the ferrule.

Step 8 — Next, add patterns all over the wood.
Draw two thin vertical lines across the length of the pencil. Lines should be aligned to the edges of the pencil near the tip.

Step 9 — Draw the Lead on the Pencil’s Tip
Draw a thin, short horizontal line right above the tip of the pencil. When we draw, we glide the pencil lead across the paper, which is what sharpens the lead.

At this point, the drawing of a pencil is complete at last. All that’s missing is a splash of color to make the pencil more interesting.

Pencils are traditionally brown because they are made of wood. However, pencils now exist in nearly every color there is. You can choose from a variety of colors when coloring the pencil.
We’re sure the colors will turn out beautifully!

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