sunset drew by colored pencils

How to draw a sunset with colored pencils

Sunsets are often considered to be a beautiful and peaceful time of day, and many people enjoy watching the sunset as it happens.
Today we’ll fill you in on how to draw a sunset with colored pencils.
To draw a sunset with colored pencils, you will need a set of colored pencils and a piece of paper. Follow these steps to create your own sunset drawing:
  1. Sketch out the basic shape of the sunset. This could be a simple curve or a more detailed landscape with mountains or trees.
  2. Use orange and yellow pencils to color in the sky. Start with a light layer of orange at the bottom, and blend it up into a deeper shade of orange and then yellow towards the top of the sky.
  3. Add details to the sky with red, pink, and purple pencils. Use these colors to create gradients and blend them together to create a realistic sunset effect.
  4. Use a brown or grey pencil to add details to the landscape, such as trees or mountains. You can also use a black pencil to add shadows and depth to the scene.
  5. Blend the colors together using a blending tool, such as a blending pencil or a paper blending stump. This will help to smooth out the transitions between colors and create a more realistic sunset effect.
Remember to take your time and be patient when drawing a sunset with colored pencils. It may take several layers of color to create the desired effect, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try different techniques until you get the look you want.
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To your next drawing.

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